Let her breathe!

Thigh highs are a really sexy way to keep your vag comfortable!  These from American Apparel are cute and warm, but they don’t really stay up well enough to wear outside of the house.  Great for lounging, just not work apprope.

Doctors will tell you to avoid wearing anything remotely cute or fashionable: no tight pants, leggings, tights, sexy underwear, etc.  Super annoying!  But basically they want you to avoid suffocating/pissing off you pussy.  And I trust them- when I cheat and wear my tight spandex leggings, my vag freaks out! It’s super itchy and uncomfortable.  So you need to listen to the doctors on this one and get creative- wear thigh highs, or cut the crotch out of your tights!  Or go for the loose trouser look, it’s totally in right now.


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